Our history

anan_read_ad_0806The idea of the establishment of a community of professionals, psychologists, teachers and other professionals in the field of human development appeared long time ago. Our joint scientific and practical activity encouraged us to share our thoughts, ideas, and experiences with everyone. When the idea of creating a community turned out to be a creation of scientific centre - we were not looking for names – a significant meeting with an outstanding scientist, acmeologist, member of Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of psychology, professor Nina Vasilievna Kuzmina determined the name of our Center as "ACME". In honor of this unique scientist who developed the fundamentals of acmeology we have created our centre and gave it its name.  That was probably the smallest thing we could do in response to her generosity and professional energy, her desire to create and work in that area.  I, as the founder and the organizer of the center, am grateful to fate for the chance to work with the basic psychological science of 20 and 21 centuries it gives me.

All our creative partners, friends and colleagues influenced the establishing of our community. The diversity of our activities aimed at one common goal - personal development, movement to Acme, is explained by the fact that throughout our professional way and our life we met wonderful people, each of which is unique in its own way. Our partners support all the activities we promote in our centre such as education, science, psychological assistance, charity. We would like to thank all people who have shared their aims and goals, who shared the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but have continued to move forward.

Charity is one of the cores of our activities and it is impossible not to mention it as a part and parcel of the work of our centre. Meetings with unique people for whom supporting children is their job encouraged us to help children in difficult life situations. We would like to express our gratitude to professionals of Victoria children's Fund and Bank Uralsib for the feeling of involvement when giving part of our souls to the children.

In the end of our little history, I would like to thank our teachers and our parents. Our mission is to create and develop the professional space, leading to the evolution of personality and professional self-realization of children and adults, the movement to the top of the" Acme”. Example of a professional self-realization for me have become my teachers and professors – Dr. of Philology, Professor V.P. Pronichev, Dr. of Philology, Professor T.G. Arcadieva; Dr. of Philology, Professor T. Maltseva, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor V.Y. Kapitanaki, Dr. of Medicine, Professor S.V. Chermenin; Dr. of Psychology, Professor A.G. Maklakov; Dr. of Psychology, Professor, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Nikolai Kuzmin; Member of RAS E.V. Sayko; Academician of the RAS, Dr. of Philosophy, Professor K.A. Abulhanova-Slavskaya; Academician of RAS, Dr. of Psychologys, Professor A. Derkach. We are expressing our gratitude for their hard work and kind heart that they give to their students.

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