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International cooperation

International cooperation – seminars, training courses, joint publications 



"Acme" is collaborating with educational and scientific institutions of other countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Germany, Finland etc.  in the following directions:

-          international publications, joint publications of scientific and practical, experience, teaching aids, educational programmes, etc.;

-          international internships, approved with international certificates, for practitioners,  professors, and researchers;

-          certified seminars and training programmes on international sites, combining trainings with sightseeing, educational tourism;

-          student groups sharing experience, getting familiar with international experience in the field of education, psychological counseling, psychological services, etc.;

-          organisation and scientific and methodological support of international studies for post-graduates and doctoral candidates of psychology andpedagogics.


Dear colleagues, do not hesitate to request to participate in some international activities, ask questions, and we will welcome your suggestions to enhance international cooperation. We always welcome new partners!


Our contacts: akme.zentr@yandex.ru