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Scientific сenter for personal development "Acme"


We are a scientific community of professionals, psychologists, teachers, volunteers and everyone who is not indifferent to the future of Russia. In 2009 we cumulated our efforts to accomplish our main mission: "the creation and development of professional space, leading to the evolution of personality and professional self-realization of children and adults, the movement to the top of the" Acme ".

Center for personal development "Acme" is a unique centre that unifies various activities and qualified experts (scientists, teachers of primary, secondary and higher vocational education, training agencies, crisis and psychological centers, psychologists, teachers, subject teachers, social workers, representatives of the business, cultural and industrial communities) whose common goal is a comprehensive personal development and self-realization of children and adults for the prosperity of our country.

"Acme" operates in five main areas:

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Scientific activities - carrying out and implementation of fundamental and applied research in the field of human development, information and consulting support:

  • development of methods and programs of fundamental and pilot studies;
  •     organization of scientific and practical conferences, methodological seminars, forums;
  •     creation and publication of scientific papers and monographs, manuals, collections of scientific   works, publications;
  •     international scientific cooperation unifying theoretical and practical studies (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Spain, England, etc.).

Educational-training - scientific and methodological support of specialists of related professions (teachers, psychologists, social pedagogues, psychologists, teachers and managers in education, etc.):

  • scientific support of educational institutions; development of training courses and activities for educational institutions, educational and other departments; development and implementation of innovative educational programs and technologies; development and introduction of modern programs of additional education (psychology, economics, business design, basics of project activities, career planning, civics, time management, etc.);
  •     professional development programs in association with leading Russian and foreign universities - full-time, part-time and distant studies (72 and 144 hours); seminars, trainings, master-classes;
  •     methodical literature for professionals; collaborative publishing projects, replicating the best professional experience, educational literature for children.

Charity work – providing help to orphans, children from foster families, disabled children, children from poor families:

  • children's mental health support, integrated development of personality (coaching, art therapy, seminars, etc.);
  •     early professional orientation programs, professional self-determination; educational and professional route planning career;
  • specialized training-preparation for Exams, University and Secondary educational supplementary programs (project work, business design, spiritual and moral education, etc.).

Psychological help - psychological counseling for children and adults: 

  • individual counseling, group trainings, art therapy, psychological techniques of weight loss, etc.

 Business support of personal and professional success: 

  • business counseling, business training (corporate trainings, open trainings, team building, time management, goal-setting, public speaking, etc.); methods of selection of personnel appraisal; development and implementation of social charity programs.


 Dear colleagues, do not hesitate to request to participate in some international activities, ask questions, and we will welcome your suggestions to enhance international cooperation. We always welcome new partners!

Our contacts: akme.zentr@yandex.ru